Von Miller: His Family’s Struggle With Addiction

von miller
Von Miller

Von Miller is a professional football player who has had his fair share of struggles in life. His father, who was also an NFL player, passed away from alcoholism when Von was only six years old. This lead to his mother’s addiction problems which caused her to become homeless for two years while he and his siblings were growing up. His mother battled addiction for many years before she finally got clean after her son’s success in the NFL.

Today, Von is incredibly thankful that his father passed away when he was so young because it allowed him to focus on school and football instead of worrying about alcoholism like many children whose parents struggle with this disease do. He has also done all sorts of work with the Von’s Vision Foundation to help children in need.

Today, it is clear that his mother’s addiction did not keep him from being successful because he has accomplished so much throughout his career! Whether or not you are a fan of football, there is no denying all the hard work and dedication this man put into becoming one of the best defensive players in football.

Despite all his struggles, Von Miller has come out on top and is certainly an inspiration to many people. It’s great that he was able to get help for addiction when he needed it most and use it as a motivation to become successful!

Despite all her struggles, Von Miller’s mother did not let that keep her from becoming successful. She has been able to overcome addiction and become a bright spot in people’s lives!

Despite all his struggles, Von Miller was not held back by this disease. He used it as an opportunity to motivate him into doing better for himself which is something many people can benefit from when they are struggling with any sort of disease.


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